Heavy Duty Industrial S type Loadcell For Hanging Scale And hopper Scale.

B3G - Loadcell Used in hopper Scales, Crane Scales, Tank Weighing,  Material Strain Testing Scale. Buy with affordable price in Bangladesh.

Stainless steel IP67, “S” type loadcell

  • Tension and compression applications.

  • Suitable for hanging, hopper, and other weighing devices.

  • Also available in imperial capacities and dimensions.

  • High accuracy.

  • High reliability.

  • Current calibrated (SC-option).

  • Model: B3G      Class: C3

  • Resistance: 
    Input - 430Ω ± 50Ω  Output - 351Ω ± 2Ω

  • Brand: Zemic

  • Mfg: Zemic Europe. (B.V Netherland)

  • Origin: Assembled in China

Usage Applications

  • Hopper Scale.

  • Hanging Scale.

  • Automation Scale.

  • Other Weighing Scale.