Heavy Duty Industrial share Beam Loadcell For Bench Scale, hopper Scale.

 B6N- Loadcell Used in Bench Scale, Hopper Scale, Tank Scale, Automation Scale, Plc Scale.Buy with affordable price in Bangladesh.

Stainless steel IP67 single-point load cell


  • Bending beam.

  • Suitable for weighing equipment like platform and belt scales.

  • Maximum platform size: 400 x 400 mm.

  • High accuracy.

  • High reliability.

  • Current calibrated (SC-option).

  • Model: B6N      Class: C3

  • Resistance:
    Input - 384Ω ± 4Ω  Output - 350Ω ± 3.5Ω

  • Brand: Zemic.

  • Mfg: Zemic Europe. (B.V Netherland).

  • Origin: Assembled in China.

Usage Applications

  • 4 Load Cell Floor Scale.

  • Hopper Scale.

  • Dairy Animal Scale.

  • Automation Scale.