Configurable Truck/Vehcile Weighing Batch Scale Program V2

Batch Scale Program V2  Software is Used in Bangladesh for Hopper Scale Software, Tank Scale Software, Floor Scale Software, and heavyweight products based on Silo Filling and loading Multiple Scale Software.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Serial Port/Bluetooth/Lan/Wifi Enabled any Indicator/Controller and Digital Junction system.

  • Min. Celeron Processor 2.0 GHz.

  • Min. 2 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD.

  • Min. Windows 7 or Higher.

  • For SQL Server Windows 7/10, Core –i3 @3.00 Ghz, 4GB Ram, 1 TB HDD & High High-Speed working system.

Batch Program V2 is a powerful automation Software Application for digital scales designed for single batch mixing Systems. It has a single-scale batch-making system that allows ten (10) separate items into One (1) Batch Set. It has two database systems Access and SQL. Highly secure and customizable Application provides Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly Date Wise Reporting Services. Reporting Services provide two finishes One is Directly sending Data to the printer and the other one is exporting Reports as PDFs. Less complex and user-friendly.


For DJB/Analog Junction Board & Weighing Indicators.


This is a most advanced and configurable truck scale program.

Why you should use our App?

  • It’s User Friendly.

  • Comfortable for everyone.

  • No need for any training.

  • Multiple Scale Access.

  • Online Serviceable & Manageable.

  • Support Any Windows OS.

  • Low Cost and Low-end computers can handle this Program.

  • Online Operation.

  • 24/7 Online Service.


  • Easy Installation.
  • RS-232 Connection from Devices.
  • Up to 10 products batch Operation.
  • Operator, Product, Packing type Information Service on Operation.
  • Unique ID.
  • Faster Transaction Record.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database Management.
  • Daily Ticket / Weight Challan Printing.
  • Daily, Monthly, Yearly, Date wise, and Product wise Reporting.
  • Customized Reporting.
  • Windows TAB Supported.
  • Use Multiple Scales. Select any scale as 1st weight / Tare weight and 2nd weight / Gross weight as another Scale for Net weight / Result.
  • Faster Calculation and result.
  • Operate from long a distance as it IOT Based.