Options :

  • SUS304 Stainless Steel Platter Cover.

  • RS232 Output Interface (Pre-installation required).

  • SP-POS58IV & SP-POS88IV Thermal Printer.

  • WM-EP Wireless Communication Module.

  • RD-DOT Dot Matrix Remote Display.

IOT Configurable Weight Scale Indicator

21e is built to answer the needs of highly demanding applications in the aspect of transaction & data speed, number of peripheral connections, management data & security, the flexibility of operation, and flexibility of future expansion.


Maximum AD conversion speed up to 480 times per second plus 9 filter strength levels to meet almost all requirements from high-resolution static weighing to high-speed dynamic applications.


User-definable PC output protocol means the unsurpassed capability to meet all data format requirements from remote displays, and production management to ERP systems.


Built-in non-resettable memory to store all details of up to 130,000+ transactions. Daily, monthly, and specific period reports can be recalled and generated anytime according to your search criteria.


  • Stainless Steel Wall/Desk Mount Holder
  • SP-POS58IV & SP-POS88IV Thermal Ticket Printer
  • LP-50, TDP-225, TTP-225, TTP-247, TTP-345 Label Printer
  • Serial Barcode Reader
  • WM Wireless Communication Module
  • RD-DOT Dot Matrix Remote Display
  • Bluetooth 4.0BLE Module
  • Bluetooth 2.0 Module
  • Isolated RS232
  • Built-in 8-Channel Control Relay Board (Factory Installation)
  • WIFI Module
  • DPP-250 Bluetooth Thermal Printer

Built-In Control Logic:

  • Static and Dynamic Check
  • Inflow and Outflow Control
  • Constant Feeding
  • Constant Dispensing with Auto Refilling,
  • Dual Speed Filling
  • Batching up to 8 Ingredients
  • Dual Speed Discharge

  • Discharge and Refill

  • User Programmable Logic for each and individual Relay Output


  • Maximum 4 independent configurable comports. Maximum Baud Rate = 921600
  • Hardwire Connection Types (standard) include RS232, RS485, and TTL
  • Wireless Communication Types (optional) include Bluetooth 2.0 /4.0 and WIFI
  • Optional isolated RS232 to Ensure High-Speed Data Communication even in a High Interference Environment
  • Optional Built-in 8-Channel Control Relay Board.