IOT Configurable & Detachable Weight Scale Indicator.Available in 1 gram - 100 ton capacity.

FM-18 Configurable & Detachable Weighing Indicator. It can be used in Bangladesh as a Hopper Scale Controller Indicator, Truck Scale Indicator, Weighbridge Scale Indicator, Automation Scale Indicator, Floor Scale Indicator, Online weight Scale Indicator, Wifi Weight Scale Indicator, Relay Controller Scale Indicator, Bag Filling Scale Indicator, Bottle Filling Scale Indicator.



  • RELAY-4, 4-Channels Relay Module.
  • WM Wireless Communication Module.
  • Stainless Steel Wall/Desk Mount Holder.
  • SP-POS58EZ Thermal Printer.
  • RD-DOT Dot Matrix Remote Display.
  • LP-50 Label Printer.


 A Robust Weighing Indicator Redefining Precision


Discover the Power of FM18

- Comprehensive Feature Set:

Tailored for static and straightforward dynamic industrial weighing needs.
- Cutting-Edge Technology:

Includes a 24-bit Low-Noise Δ-Σ Analog-to-Digital Converter, advanced linearity compensation, and state-of-the-art innovations.
- Reliable Performance:

Fast, stable, and virtually error-free weighing results on demand.
- Versatile Load Cell System:

True 6-wire compensation, supporting up to 8 x 350 Ω load cells, with 1.6 million internal counts.
- Ideal for Various Applications:

Well-suited for static and mid to low-speed dynamic weighing tasks.



User Selectable Parameters:


  • 6 x Auto Power Off Time.
  • 4 x Filter Intensity Mode.
  • 3 x Backlight Mode.
  • 2 x Selectable Auto Tare Function.
  • 4 x RS232 Data Output Baud Rate.
  • 4 x Output Mode.
  • 3 x Data Format.
  • 3 x M+ Mode.
  • 3 x Data Output Mode.
  • 4 x Data Transmission Time Interval.
  • 8 x Number of Print Copy.
  • 6 x Output Band Rate.
  • 7 x Initial Zero Range.
  • 7 x Manual Zero Range.
  • 6 x Auto Zero Tracking Range.
  • Bi-Directional Communication Through RS232 or TTL Interface.



  • 24-bit Low-Noise Delta to Sigma to Delta (Δ-Σ) Analog-to-Digital Converter.
  • Support Single or Dual Weighing Range Mode
  • Free Capacity and Division Setting.
  • kg & lb Conversion (Single Weighing Range Mode only).
  • True 6-wire (with Remote Sense) Load Cell Compensation System.
  • Power up to 8 x 350Ω Load Cells or 16 x 700Ω Load Cells.
  • Supports 4-wire and 6-wire Load Cell Connections.
  • Real-Time Clock.

  • Linearity Compensation ON or OFF
  • Independent Zero Calibration.
  • Auto or User Programmable Odd Weight Calibration.

  •  Calibration and Metrological Control / Access by Hardware or Software.
  • Non-Resettable Trailer Count to Record Calibration and Metrology Parameters Changes.
  • Gravity Compensation via Key Board
  • 6 x 1-inch Wide Angle LCD Numeric Digits.
  • Capacity Tracking Bar to Show Applied & Remaining Weighing Capacity.
  • Battery Protection Features and Circuits.

  • Equipped with RS232, TTL Relay Output, Wireless Communication Interfaces/TTL RS232
  • Backlight, Rechargeable Battery, Power Adaptor and Pillar (ψ35~38mm) Mount Holder Included.


  • Weighing.

  • Checkweighing Function.

  • Piece Count Mode with Check Function.

  • Percentage Mode with Check Function

  • Animal Weighing.

  • User Programmable Check Functions Buzzer Output

  • Memory Accumulation.

  • Pre-set Tare.

  • Independent and User Programmable Print Format for Weighing, Piece Count, and Percentage Mode.

  • Independent and User Programmable Data Format for Checkweighing, Piece Checking, and Percentage Checking.

  • Built-in Inflow and Outflow Control Logic.

  • Built-in Near Zero Logic for Dynamic Weighing Applications.

  • Support Ticket and Label Printing.

  • Support Q&A with other PeripheralsSupport Direct Control by External Peripheral.