Quality, Structural Strength & Accuracy are Safeguarded by:

  • Material Grade
  • Material Thickness
  • Tooling & Method used to handle Material Cutting, Blending … etc.
  • Smart & CNC Made Oversized Heavy Duty Load Cell Supporting & Mounting Blocks
  • Strict Construction Accuracy Standards Applied
  • Smart & High-Quality Stainless Steel Junction Box used.
  • OIML / NTEP C3 Approved or FM Special Grade Load Cell
  • High-Density Channel Frame Allocation
  • High-Quality Epoxy Coating

XSB Series Platform


Precision Heavy Duty Floor Platforms XSB SERIES


XSB is designed & built to meet a wide range of heavy traffic & high-resolution industrial applications up to 6000kg.

It delivers un-exceptional reliability, accuracy, and skin-smooth performance to meet weighing, batching, and counting needs.


Key Features:

  • Extremely Rigid Structural Steel Channel Frame Specifically Designed for Heavy Traffic
  • Super Strong Channel Frame Provides Extra Protection by Enclosing the Load Cells, Cable, and Junction Box Inside and away from Chemicals and Other Industrial Elements
  • Heavy-Duty Industrial design Threaded Eyebolt Holes for Easy Lifting
  • Top-of-Floor or In-Floor Mounting
  • Swivel Adjustable Feet Eliminate Weighing Errors due to Misalignment
  • Construction Accuracy: - Better than 0.25%