Heavy Duty Industrial Platform Scale.

FM180 + K Series Bluetooh Platform scale, Used as Poultry scale, Animal Scale, and Cement scale in Bangladesh. Buy Platform scale in affordable price in Bangladesh.


  • WM-EP Wireless Communication Module.
  • Stainless Steel Wall/Desk Mount Holder.

  • SP-POS58EZ Thermal Printer.

  • RD-DOT Dot Matrix Remote Display.
  • LP-50 Label Printer.

FM180, OIML 10,000e approved weighing indicator specially designed for static weighing and simple counting tasks. The 7 function keys provide easy, fast, direct, and straightforward operation.


Supported by the built-in state-of-the-art technologies and knowledge, FM180 delivers unexceptional fast, stable, and error-free weighing results at all times.


Approved Functions:

  • Weighing and Simple Counting.

  • Single and Dual Weighing Range.

  • Memory Accumulatio.

  • Pre-set Tare.

  • Gross/Net Indicator.

  • Weighing Range Indicator.

  • Memory Indicator.

  • Standard and User.

  • Programmable Print Format.

  • Ticket and Label Printing.


Key Features Of K-Series Scale:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction, Platter, and Pillar (Optional).

  • Equipped with OIML C3 Approved 17-4PH Stainless Steel Load Cell.

  • Complete Sealed Design, to Prevent Liquid Penetrate into Platform Structure.

  • Rugged Structure for Harsh and Rugged Environment.

  • Overload Protection Devices to Withstand Shock and Overloads.

  • Safe Overload = 150% plus.

  • Ultimate Overload = 200% plus Adjustable Feet and Bubble Level Included.