Heavy Duty Industrial Single Point Platform Scale.

FM52 + K Series Platfrom scale, Used as Poultry scale, Animal Scale, Cement scale in Bangladesh. Buy Platform scale in affordable price in Bangladesh.

User Selectable Parameters:

  • 5 x Filter Intensity Mode.
  • 3 x Backlight Mode.

  • 2 x Selectable Auto Tare Function.
  • 5 x RS232 Data Output Baud Rate.

  • 7 x Initial Zero Range.

  • 6 x Manual Zero Range.
  • 4 x Auto Zero Tracking Range.
  • 3 x Checkweighing Buzzer Output Mode.


  • 24 Bit Sigma to Delta (Σ-Δ) Analog-To-Digital Converter

  • Multi Functions Indicator.

  • Free Capacity and Division Setting.

  • 6 x 1-Inch Numeric Digits.

  • Tracking Bar to Show Applied & Remaining Capacity.

  • Calibration Password Control.

  • Power Up To 4 X 350Ω Load Cells or 8 X 700Ω Load Cells.

  • Dual Power Source: - By Built-In Rechargeable Battery or External Power Adaptor.

  • Lower Power Consumption. Battery Operating Time = 200 Hours plus.

  • Built-in Real Time Clock.

  • Backlight, Built-In Rechargeable Battery, External Power Adaptor, and Stainless Steel Wall/Desk Mount Holder Included.


K Series Scale: Key Features:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction, Platter, and Pillar (Optional)

  • Equipped with OIML C3 Approved 17-4PH Stainless Steel Load Cell.
  • Complete Sealed Design, to Prevent Liquid Penetrate into Platform Structure.
  • Rugged Structure for Harsh and Rugged Environment.
  • Overload Protection Devices to Withstand Shock and Overloads.
  • Safe Overload = 150% plus.
  • Ultimate Overload = 200% plus Adjustable Feet and Bubble Level Included.